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micro-mammal overload

5 kittens in a heap going



unbelated love

today is the natal day of the rare and splendiferous ainemaire, and as such it should be celebrated!!

belated love

3/25 was the natal day of the rare and splendiferous umbo.....
i hope you're all still celebrating!

Writer's Block: Going boldly

If you could be any Star Trek character, who would you be, and why?

i;m all about neelix.... short, perlexified and assiduously seeking to please the visitors

kittens love jerry

music box wails "Dark Star", and kittens are all ears (stone age stereo)

dead reckoning. 7/29/94

buddy and i mail ordered. all quotes are his

parking lot was fabulous. came down from cleveland; lot so hot and humid i drank 6 heinekens and went through the gate stone cold sober.
little bothered to have to wait thru traffic, knowing dead seldom had openers... as it turned out i hold against them only that the storm and dark set in sooner for the dead..
set up shop, made friends. rain, rain. black sky. tarps go from seating to roof, every hand and tarp meeting another and holding it over all..
monster rain. "rain" opener-- i didn't know dead did beatles covers like that... still only song from show i can't kind of hear from my mind... jerry singing that? hmm
my small spot of weed never came out of my shoe... so much was passed
"my first Bertha!"
weir out in front
"was that Deal hot or WHAT?"

OMG.. i was fine with the deluge until the sun went down. then, depression set in.
my only prayer was for some one to hand me a dry T shirt. didn't matter that it'd be wet too in 5 seconds.
wonderful Looks Like Rain (alas no Box)
Saint? later discover,
*rain falling down..*
deluge quits during.... I Need a Miracle
and i got me some Boblight too.
must've rained 3 inches,
best day of my life.

when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro
--hunter s. thompson

cavorting kitkins

currently hosting 4 young kittens may keep two :^)
been years since i saw this much fun being had.....
all hail small furry animals

hammer horror

lovin it
'horror of dracula' and 'brides of dracula' back to back with peter cushing
c lee in first

mellow evening

a fine evening out with ainemaire... diner finer dinner, then a walk in the park in the dark, and a set down to look at the city lights across the lake.... good closeness :^)

Writer's Block: Let me entertain you

Who is your personal choice for greatest singer of all time, and why?

phrased that way, LJ just answered its own question (though it could be phrased a thousand different ways)
as is, with no doubts, freddie mercury of queen (see video and believe,,, 125,000 at wembley all in the palm of his hand don;t lie)